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The Pirate Bay Trial – day 11

Closing arguments. Nothing really surprising here except maybe that the prosecutor didn’t ask for the maximum  two years of prison time. Prosecutor Roswall claims that there are 64 ad spaces on the site and at an estimated 3500sek/week The Pirate Bay has earned over 10 000 000sek. Problem with that is that there are only 4 [...]

Producer of Pusher 3 sueing The Pirate Bay, against his will?!

So Henrik Danstrup, producer of Pusher 3 the unwilling complainant in the case against The Pirate [...]

Flowers for Roger Wallis

Like I posted earlier, Roger Wallis who pretty much obliterated all arguments by the prosecution today asked for flowers for his wife.

This led to #wallisflowers on EFnet, wich led to a simple site where people who sent stuff to wallis can register their gift.

So far (2009-02-26 18:55) the gifts total 30 368sek. That’s 3 402.53$ [...]

The Pirate Bay Trial – day 9

The Pirate Bay Trial – day 9
Attempted character assassination of Swedish composer and professor Roger [...]

The Pirate Bay Trial – day 5

The Pirate Bay Trial – day 5
Brokep on political [...]

The Pirate Bay Trial – day 4.1

Transcripts of the testimony of Fredrik Neij aka TiAMO of The Pirate [...]

IFPI.se defaced

Earlier today IFPI.se was [...]

King Kong Defense – Gotta love Wikipedia

One things for sure, its fast!

The Pirate Bay Trial – day 3

The Pirate Bay Trial – day 3
Finally someone other than Mr Roswall gets to speak and the court room gets [...]

The Pirate Bay Trial – day 2

So looking through the articles that got caught in my feed searches today I fonud some better translations of what Prosecutor Roswall did when he amended the charges earlier today. “Complicity in the production of copyrighted material” was removed from the charge sheet. the defense is naturally very happy to hear this, whilst Mr Roswall [...]