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Epic fail. The Pirate Bay crew sentenced to one year in prison.

All four accused in the Pirate Bay trial are sentenced to one year in prison. Verdict here in swedish. The Pirate Party pressrelase calls this “our ticket into the European Parliament”. 

Preparation was cut form the sentence, but assisting in copyright infringement was kept.

What suprises me the most is that all four got the same sentence. Convicting a would-be financial backer, that pulled out before the deal was finalized just doesn’t make sense. 

Ah well. Bets on eta of the appeal? I call wednesday. I mean, Spectrial season one needs a cliffhanger right! And what better day then “wednesday”! Right?!

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I’m in the process of moving my blog.  I’m trying out lots of new stuff, new widgets, speech recognition and a new theme.  Hopefully the redirection plugin that I found works with the wordpress hosted blog.  I’m a complete plugin junkie, and will likely spend several days looking for cool new plugin to put on the blog.

UPDATE: my feeds are now burned!

Patent war threatens to deadlock CPU development.

Intel wants to limit the competition and is dragging AMD to court to make them stop producing x86-based processors. Patents are ridiculous and a ball and chain on innovation, specifically so in the hands of lawyers, and this is just more proof. For the consumers this is a loose-loose situation. Regardless who wins they will be without competition and CPU development will stagnate just like soundcard development did after creative screwed that market over. 

Are 12 cores @4GHz the best we will ever see?

I’m the boss of the Internet!

Contrary to what Opassande(sv) claims, it is I who is Sparta…eh I mean the boss of the Internet! I rule all and everyone does my bidding! If the content industry needs someone to broker deals with they should turn to me. This goes double for you Pär Strömbäck, spokes person of the Computer Gaming Industry(sv)

Mr Strömbäck claims that the “Pirate Camp” is responsible for the Big Brother craze that is sweeping not only Sweden but the rest of the world. He also tries his hand at a Bureau for Piracy rhetoric saying: Continue reading I’m the boss of the Internet!

Danny O’Brian explains the Spectrial on G4tv.com

This clip with Danny O’Brian from the Electronic Frontier Foundation gets most of it right.

  • It’s closer to 3 years worth of preparation.
  • It’s two hosts, a spokesperson and a would-be business partner.
  • Just as the industry won’t accept a settlement or loss neither will TPB
  • Any advertisers appearing on the site are threatened with legal action from the content industry.

Norwegian TV Deploys Their own BitTorrent Tracker.

Yesterday NRK announced that they will start up their own BitTorrent Tracker using the same beerware licensed OpenTracker that The Pirate Bay has been using for several years now. They will also supply Norwegian subtitles to all content and promise to link to your subs if you add more languages to that. Why are they doing this?

By using BitTorrent we can reach our audience with full quality media files. Experience from our early tests show that if we’re the best provider of our own content we also gain control of it.

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EDB fires people for their political views.

IT solutions group EDB terminated a contract with a consulting firm concerning one Jonas Bergling who is the local rep for the Swedish Pirate Party in Örebro. Last monday he answered question on a chat with readers of Nerikes Allehanda a local daily newspaper on the subject of Piraty Party principles, surviellance societies and The Pirate Bay trial. When he started working for EDB he was upfront with his position in the party with his closest supervisor and has never used company time for political purposes. 

EDBs policy says: Continue reading EDB fires people for their political views.

The Pirate Bay Trial – Transcript Peter Sunde part 1

S = Peter Sunde

P = Prosecutor Håkan Roswall

From The Pirate Bay Trial Day 05 Part 1 podradio from 2009-02-20. Im trying my best to balance between staying as close to what their saying as possible and still making it possible to comprehend. Not all of the people at this trial are skilled speakers and that means their speech isn’t fluent. They at times rephrase their sentances upon realizing they arent saying what they want to. So if you find stuff in here that doesn’t make sense chances are it didn’t make sense to me either.

The recording cuts in in the middle of a question by the Prosecutor. This is just at the beginning though, and Sunde it being questioned about the raid against PRQ and why there was a computer in the TPB server rack that he had access to. Continue reading The Pirate Bay Trial – Transcript Peter Sunde part 1

The Pirate Bay fights Terrorism MPAA Says.

A new report from the content industry surfaced a few days ago. TorrentFreak demolishes it. As per usual the study mixes the words piracy and courterfitting in an attempt to brand all infringers as terrorists and gang or mafia members. Applying this to other real world numbers is hilarious.

TPB recently reported that they every week are accessed by roughly 2 million unique(sv) Swedish IPs. Accounting for people that are all on the same IP, people that access the site from different IPs every time and all the people that doesn’t even use TPB the number of file sharers in Sweden still ballpark 2 million. Not bad for a country of only 9 million. 

But this means that Sweden has roughly 2 million terrorists/mafia members! 

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EFF teaches you how to secure your data

Through Boing Boing I found this amazing site. Everything you ever wanted to know about protecting your data from surveillance, thieves and people who have no business rummaging through your private life.