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Norwegian TV Deploys Their own BitTorrent Tracker.

Yesterday NRK announced that they will start up their own BitTorrent Tracker using the same beerware licensed OpenTracker that The Pirate Bay has been using for several years now. They will also supply Norwegian subtitles to all content and promise to link to your subs if you add more languages to that. Why are they doing [...]

DN Doesn’t Understand Particpant Culture. Confuses it with Astroturfing.

DN, a very large news paper in Sweden claims to have done some “digging” into last years blog quake surrounding the FRA law. They got a quote from Amanda Brihed, founder of Black Monday, an organization dedicated to dismantling the FRA-law, saying that she had contacts with PR agencies. This coupled with the fact [...]

The Pirate Bay Trial – day 2

So looking through the articles that got caught in my feed searches today I fonud some better translations of what Prosecutor Roswall did when he amended the charges earlier today. “Complicity in the production of copyrighted material” was removed from the charge sheet. the defense is naturally very happy to hear this, whilst Mr Roswall [...]

Number one Trend on Twitter Delivers!

Håkan Roswall, prosecutor, clown of the first [...]

The Pirate Bay Trial – day 1

TPB Trial – Day 1 [...]

Everyone’s positive?

So I spent my day lugging boxes at work while listening to the radio special. Even though I didn’t manage to hear all of it, a weird feeling kept creeping over me. Very few of the guests on the show had any really negative views on the state of media companies today. Not even in [...]

Some ordinary swedish teens

I found a clip on Sydnytt where a TV team interviews four Swedish teens about file sharing. Here’s the [...]

Rage is rising

The blog has been collecting dust since i couldn’t sustain my rage over the FRA-Law while working. But now it seems I’m getting pissed off again. Sweden’s most important political trial of the decade starts tomorrow and today saw the start of The Spectrial. The word, a play on spectacle and trial, is the name TPB and The Bureau of Piracy has given the trial and their activities surrounding [...]