October 2018
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The Pirate Bay Trial – day 1

TPB Trial – Day 1 [...]

Swedish parliament under siege

Politikerbloggen quotes a police officer at the Swedish parliament saying that there is roughly 2000 people gathered to protest Lex Orwell. Its headline news all over at the moment, and I so wish I could have been there!

I would stay up and follow this as it develops, but there are other issues i must attend [...]

Back to the drawingboard

157 yes. At least a third of the 349 MP’s had to vote yes to accomplish this, so the result is far from surprising. Problem is now they will add more topping to this turd and try to make us swallow it when we’re not looking. Fact of the matter is you can’t make this [...]

The Vote has begun

The voting is about to start and I’v just returned with a big fat piece of vanilla-rasberry cake. Theres alot more people present today. Not sure when they will get to the FRA-bill. My first time watching a voting, thes will be interesting.

Jan Lindholm (mp)

Another speaker from the Swedish Green party.

He spoke interestingly about how the amuont of people taknig an interest in this is more telling than whatsactually wrong with it. Not sure I’d agree there, but maybe that comes from extensive internet usage. Gathering large amounts of peolpe online is easy, about as easy as finding bad [...]

Lage Rahm (mp) – A speaker in white

I found a working live feed. And I’m watching an MP from the green party. He’s also quite angry. Starting of a bit shaky, he got warmed up towards the end touching upon virtiually all problems with the law. Dressed in white he brought out every gun he could and actually recieved a snide comment [...]