October 2018
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I’m in the process of moving my blog.  I’m trying out lots of new stuff, new widgets, speech recognition and a new theme.  Hopefully the redirection plugin that I found works with the wordpress hosted blog.  I’m a complete plugin junkie, and will likely spend several days looking for cool new plugin to put on [...]

Patent war threatens to deadlock CPU development.

Intel wants to limit the competition and is dragging AMD to court to make them stop producing x86-based processors. Patents are ridiculous and a ball and chain on innovation, specifically so in the hands of lawyers, and this is just more proof. For the consumers this is a loose-loose situation. Regardless who wins they will [...]

EFF teaches you how to secure your data

Through Boing Boing I found this amazing site. Everything you ever wanted to know about protecting your data from surveillance, thieves and people who have no business rummaging through your private life.

The Pirate Bay Trial – day 11

Closing arguments. Nothing really surprising here except maybe that the prosecutor didn’t ask for the maximum  two years of prison time. Prosecutor Roswall claims that there are 64 ad spaces on the site and at an estimated 3500sek/week The Pirate Bay has earned over 10 000 000sek. Problem with that is that there are only 4 [...]

The Pirate Bay Trial – day 5

The Pirate Bay Trial – day 5
Brokep on political [...]

IFPI.se defaced

Earlier today IFPI.se was [...]

King Kong Defense – Gotta love Wikipedia

One things for sure, its fast!

The Pirate Bay Trial – day 3

The Pirate Bay Trial – day 3
Finally someone other than Mr Roswall gets to speak and the court room gets [...]

EFF makes me laugh.

I found this article from EFF. I covers much of what I’ve already posted here. But the last line just made me laugh.

“If the Lex Orwell passes, Sweden may not need something so sophisticated as a supercomputer to hear what the rest of the world thinks about their new values.”

The supercomputer in question was the [...]