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Unni Drougge’s Quest For Great Profit

  1. Let a friend help you record an audio book (gt)
  2. Register PayPal account (unnidrougge [Email address: unnidrougge #AT# unnidrougge.com - replace #AT# with @ ])
  3. Put audio book on The Pirate Bay
  4. Profit 1(gt) 2(gt) 3(gt)

Damn us cheap pirates! Drougge managed to cover her costs for the recording in a manner of hours and the damn pirates downloading her book from The Pirate Bay for free JUST WONT STOP PAYING HER… I mean, geesh we have a reputation to uphold…

Since google translates are a little iffy, here’s the story in a nut shell. Drougge got really pissed at the Spectrial verdict and her fellow authors for hailing the verdict as their salvation. So she made a proof of concept, recorded her latest book as a 96kb/s mono MP3 and uploaded it as a torrent on TPB. The TPB crew convinced her to register at PayPal which she hadn’t considered on her own and helped her make a nfo-template for her torrent. The torrent hovers around 1000 seeders and transfer speed of 2.5mb/s have been reported.

From said nfo:

I won’t allow myself to become cannon fodder for a derailed entertainment industry that works together with underhanded political forces prepared to use any and all methods to dethrone our biggest democratic platform

While she was at it she also grabbed the mic at the Stockholm demonstration against the verdict, unasked i might add.

Unni Drougge at Stockholm Demo 2009-04-18

So the lesson here? You earn more money and get a stronger brand from allowing people to pay, then from forcing them. Even our damn TV license collection agency has figured this out…

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