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The Life of a Punching Bag

With the latest news of the Spectrial judge hanging out with copyright maximalists and actively lobbying for harsher IP-laws I’d thought that pointing you to this post made by Brokep a little over a year ago. It details just how little respect the copyright industry has for Swedish law. And its by no means complete. There’s also the story of Jim Keyzer, the police investigator that repeatedly dismissed reports to the police from the Pirate Bay. He also headed the investigation AGAINST The Pirate Bay and while doing so conducted pay negotiations with Warner Bros. and applied for temporary leave days before handing in his report. To this day we don’t know what Keyzer did at Warner Bros. but our Minister of “Justice”, Beatrice Ask, thought that this was just fine and proved that Swedish police are competent. 

Jim Keyzer joins Warner Bros.

Oh, and Keyzer was nowhere to be found at the Spectrial. Prosecutor Roswall told Judge Norström, on a direct question, that he had tried contacting Keyzer but had been unable to and therefore needed to remove him from the witness list.

These people don’t need harsher laws to protect them from financial loss due to marketing incompetence!

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