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Björn Ulvaeus, Black Knight of the Content Industry

In the aftermath of the verdict against the Pirate Bay Björn Ulvaes, 1/4th of ABBA and one of Sweden’s richest song writers, claims to speak of all creative individuals when he says in SvD that(sv):

This feels good for us creators

Yeah right. You might want to ask author Anna Troberg about that, or Moneybrother, or Timbuktu, or Cory Doctorow, or Paul Coelho or Nina Paley

Ulvaeus btw, recently won a legal battle with the tax authorities and skipped away with 85m SEK. Hes almost three times as big a thief as the Swedish court judged The Pirate Bay Crew + 1 to be. And he has the gall to speak for all creative people in the world? I used to think it was pretty cool that one of the biggest music groups of the 70’s and 80’s was from Sweden. Gave you something to counter with when people asked if we have polar bears on our streets. But now Björn Ulvaeus is a has-been. A bumbling fool that expired along with the dinosaur milk. Just shut up and let the artists willing to make the most of the global market that is the Internet speak for themselves!

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