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I’m the boss of the Internet!

Contrary to what Opassande(sv) claims, it is I who is Sparta…eh I mean the boss of the Internet! I rule all and everyone does my bidding! If the content industry needs someone to broker deals with they should turn to me. This goes double for you Pär Strömbäck, spokes person of the Computer Gaming Industry(sv)

Mr Strömbäck claims that the “Pirate Camp” is responsible for the Big Brother craze that is sweeping not only Sweden but the rest of the world. He also tries his hand at a Bureau for Piracy rhetoric saying:

Its pointless to discuss whether we should have copyright or not. It’s like asking if we should have the Internet or not.

Well it’s a good thing for you then that The Pirate Party doesn’t fight for the abolishment of copyright. But when 79% of young men(sv)15-29 say that the law you just made the Swedish government pass is a bad idea, maybe you should take a step back and rethink your position. Out of all 1000 asked 48% said the law was bad, 32% said it was good and the rest were undecided.

Sweden’s Minister of Justice Beatrice Ask ignores the issue and says:

Sometimes you have to make uncomfortable decisions.

Yes… Uncomfortable… You’re turning the Internet into the Filternet and all you can say is its uncomfortable? You’re allowing for corporations with vast monetary resources to seize and raid homes with no more “proof” then a screenshot that any 10yo with a 500€ computer can forge and this only qualifies as uncomfortable?

I for one will be glad to see her go at the election next year.

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