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Some ordinary swedish teens

Found this clip from Sydnytt.

Heres a transcript

[00:09] When I feel like it, when I find a movie a want, then I’ll download it.

[00:13] Yeah, every day.

[00:15] Four ordinary teens, students at the media gymnasium in Malmö, who have all grown up in a time where all the worlds music, movies and computer programs have been available gratis and at the press of a few buttons.

[00:28] If Malin happens to have a movie that I want to see, she’ll just send it to me over MSN or whatever, and that way I wont have to find it on my own. Simple.

[00:37] It’s mostly Family Guy, Seinfeld, South Park and such. Comedy stuff.

[00:49] They want to see the latest TV series now, not in a year when they’re aired on SVT, TV3 or TV4.

[00:57] You see, the thing is, if I would try to watch these shows on regular TV, I would be forced to wait until… Well, lets say Family Guy airs once a week on Saturday evenings, and I have something else I want to do on Saturday evenings at like seven. It’s a lot more flexible for me to just download the show, and watch when I want to.

[01:17] The trial of the founders of The Pirate Bay will start this Monday, and the site is considered one of the largest facilitators of illegal file sharing in the world. But whether they loose the case or not seems of little concern to these students.

[01:30] File sharing wont stop just because you take down one tracker, theres a thousand others waiting to take their place.

[01:37] The students get to show us how it all works, and we try searching for one of the most successful shows on SVT right now, Mia och Klara.

[01:44]  You just type in what you’re looking for in this search box. That then gives you, well yeah, ten alternatives. And then its says like, download this torrent.

[01:55] And this is then available the same evening that it aired on regular TV?

[01:58] Yeah, if you want to.

[02:00] Mmm, usually.

[02:01] … with a really cute girl …

[02:04] It is illegal to download and share TV series and music, but these youth see it as hardly any more serious then the making of mix tapes that their parents used to do.

[02:18] Most see it as natural that an artist gets paid for doing his job. But I find this whole thing with record labels and going out to buy CDs kind of antiquated and pointless. I spend a lot of money going to concerts and festivals and that kind of, well, alternative ways of supporting the artists I like.

[02:40] Are you ashamed when you download the latest album any of the artists you like?

[02:44] No, I never feel any guilt. Most artists today have to be aware by now that this is what goes on, and pretty much every one downloads. There’s so many people doing it that I’m not alone. So no, I never feel any guilt.

[03:01] Even though very few file sharers have been convicted,  the hunt for them still continues.

[03:07] I’m almost in no way worried about it, because I’m so sure… I mean, the way I see it, it’s not illegal anymore since it’s become so common.

[03:18] The fact of the matter is that everyone in this room, and probably three quarters of everyone on this school does it. Why would they catch me?

[03:28] What about your parents then? Don’t they have anything to say about this? Are they fine with it?

[03:31] Yeah, they’re fine with it. They never say anything,

[03:36] And what about you? Have you’re parents never given you an earful?

[03:38] Well, this isn’t really something you talk about over dinner.

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