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Rage is rising

The blog has been collecting dust since i couldn’t sustain my rage over the FRA-Law while working. But now it seems I’m getting pissed off again. Sweden’s most important political trial of the decade starts tomorrow and today saw the start of The Spectrial. The word, a play on spectacle and trial, is the name TPB and The Bureau of Piracy has given the trial and their activities surrounding it.

Today, they both held a joint press conference at noon, wich was streamed via Bambuser(sv/en). There was some chaos prior to that though when for some unknown reason all servers belonging to The Pirate Party(en) suddenly went offline. It turned out a a fan in a firewall had made its last revolutions and thus caused the whole thing to overheat. So PP’s coverage of The Spectrial had a slightly rocky start.

Something that has been a bit of a deal in the days leading up to the press conference was that due history between TPB and certain news media in Sweden, three large ones where banned from the press conference. TV4 a commercial TV channel and Aftonbladet a Swedish tabloid where banned for their unprofessional handling of the controversy surrounding the Arboga murders.

Another newspaper, Metro was banned for a series of articles claiming that TPB hosted child pornography, but when asked by the TPB crew for the links so that TPB could hand the issue over to the police, metro refused.

The press conference itself seemed to work out well from what I could tell from the Bambuser feed (Ankata sure likes to interrupt people though). But journalists of Olde Media(sv) where probably a bit startled when it turned out they where, in accordance with the R/W Culture of the web, expected to participate right of the bat and ask questions.

Right now it feels like the calm before the storm. Olde Media have just started pushing out content from the press conference, pirates are gearing up across the board and tomorrow all hell will probably break loose. My experince of the media coverage of the FRA-Law tells me that tomorrows papers will be much akin to Highlander, in that there can only be one subject on the front pages. P3, one of the national radio channels will interrupt its normal programming to send a SIX hours special(sv) on piracy, copyright and the trial. Pirate author Anna Troberg(sv) will be on the show(sv), no big suprise to any of the regular daytime listeners of the channel perhaps. The host of the special has had Anna on radio several times already.

Swedish national TV will broadcast the audio feed live (Swedish constitution prohibits video recordings of trials), a historical first.

Its going to be a hectic two weeks to be sure. And regardless of the outcome in this instance, which will pretty much be decided by the roll of a die, sweden will yet again evolve the relation between the social and olde media. Great things happened in the wake of the FRA-Law and this trial will change media landscape again. And I’m certain, it will be for the better.

Images from the Spectrial Press Conference (also of the S23k mobile press center)


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