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Back to the drawingboard

157 yes. At least a third of the 349 MP’s had to vote yes to accomplish this, so the result is far from surprising. Problem is now they will add more topping to this turd and try to make us swallow it when we’re not looking. Fact of the matter is you can’t make this bill fit into any definition of an enlightened democracy.

At this stage the only acceptable recourse is to scrap FRA, turn it inside out to establish just how far their illegal activities went, and distribute what ever actual competence and useful hardware they have among other Swedish institutions and organizations that can use them. I bet NSC would love that HP Cluster Platform 3000 13728 (Xeon), InfiniBand system that FRA bought recently.

Lex Orwell will resurface, maybe even later today. And with sluggishness of old-media chances are most people wont know what hit them. The blogosphere has all ears to the ground and will do its best to fight it. After all we know full well just how how much of our private lives will be effected by this bill. And history has taught us that the results over time will be disastrous.

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