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Political Careers end on Wednesday

And alot of them. The Swedish parliament well be voting on a wiretapping bill built on the same cozy ideals laid forth by countries like Saudi Arabia and China. All communications touching any of 20 specific points of the swedish infrastructure will be monitored and searched for any of about 250,000 search criteria, including random strings of characters designed to catch any and all encrypted messages.

None of this requires you to be suspected of any crime or terrorist activity, and no court will be involved. The purpose is to:

… aid in Swedish foreign, security and defense politics as well as monitoring external threats to the country.”

In Swedish in case you would like to verify the translation:

“1 § Försvarsunderrättelseverksamhet skall bedrivas till stöd för svensk utrikes-, säkerhets- och försvarspolitik samt i övrigt för kartläggning av yttre hot mot landet.” (source)

The seats in the Swedish parliament is divided among 7 parties, three of them want to send the bill back to the drawing board and hold 171 seats. Among the other four (holding 178 seats) the official party line is that this bill must pass. But several members are obviously troubled, specially the young and the liberal. Many of these are now under immense pressure by their voters and the public in general to break the party line and vote no.

All youth sections on both sides of the divide are demanding that theirs members of parliament vote no.

The Swedish blogosphere is in a literal frenzy, and virtually all of them are demanding MP’s to vote no and offering their support to those brave enough to defy the political whip on Wednesday. The post is from 4th of June this year, and blogs about this bill has seen similar representation on that site and all like it since. Only topic that has even come close to rivaling it was when Sweden won their first match in the European Championship a few days ago.

So far The Swedish National Defense Radio Establishment (FRA), who will be in charge of the wire tapping have been caught:

1: Admitting on tape that they are knowingly violating the Swedish constitution.

2: Illegally wiretapping and storing information on 100 swedes with no criminal or terrorist ties. (Source in swedish)

3: Systematically and illegally collecting and storing traffic data on Swedish communication, between Swedish nationals in Sweden. Source is a leaked internal document dated 14th march 2007, found here. (Both in Swedish)

A challange has gone out! The people of sweden will remeber this attack on our democracy, and all who vote yes to this bill will be held responsible. In the upcomming election the swedish blogosphere will remind the public who voted yes and we will vote them out of office.

A yes on wednesday is political suicide!

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