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Björn Ulvaeus wants more filternet

Mr Ulvaeus has long been the enemy of creative people innovating in his field and a few days ago he managed to score some space on Times Online. He argues among other things that since song writer can’t tour and are incapable of negotiating good deals for themselves they should be legally pampered and be given unrestricted legal clout to punish their customers potential customers?!

I’m not surprised to hear that record labels have put composers in a shitty situation, why pay someone that you’ve chained in a basement somewhere if you don’t have to? But to say that a good way to make composers earn more is to disconnect accused file sharers from the Internet is simply laughable. If, unlikely as it is, disconnecting people from the Internet creates more goodwill than badwill among your customers, and that the record label can convert that goodwill into money… Yes, I know, unlikely. But still, if they manage all that, what could possibly make mr Ulvaeus think that composer would see any of that money? Or the bands/artists performing their songs for that matter, specially the new ones?  The entertainment industry just keeps on growing and if you aren’t getting paid now, exiling people from the Internet isn’t going to get you paid either.

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Israeli comedians make fun of Sweden.

Swedish Minster of Foreign Affairs Jörgen Jörgensen (with a very Danish sounding name)  relies on his cultural superiority when explaining how the Sweden works.

It’s pretty funny.

EuroParl ahoy!

We’re in. That’s pretty much the long and short of it. With no political pedigree and no large financial backers to speak of (go go crowdfunding!) the Swedish Pirate Party has earned itself one definite seat in the European Parliament. We’re gonna set a new course for Europe, if not directly this term, then indirectly by inspiring other Pirate Parties to form and participate in the elections in 2014. Using the Internet should never mean that you are subject to continuous surveillance in and of itself, and this weekend 7.1% of the Swedish vote agreed with us. I bet several of the traditional parties in Sweden are still reeling from the broadside we delivered, and most likely will be for some time. 

Most important now in my opinion is to start work on all the preparations for our national election next year. We left Falkvinge back home in Sweden to make sure we have a strong presence here for that election. As part of these preparations we should make sure that all we do in the EuroParl are fully transparent to our voters. If we can show results in our issues down in Brussels much will be gained in the upcoming national election.

The Life of a Punching Bag

With the latest news of the Spectrial judge hanging out with copyright maximalists and actively lobbying for harsher IP-laws I’d thought that pointing you to this post made by Brokep a little over a year ago. It details just how little respect the copyright industry has for Swedish law. And its by no means complete. There’s also the story of Jim Keyzer, the police investigator that repeatedly dismissed reports to the police from the Pirate Bay. He also headed the investigation AGAINST The Pirate Bay and while doing so conducted pay negotiations with Warner Bros. and applied for temporary leave days before handing in his report. To this day we don’t know what Keyzer did at Warner Bros. but our Minister of “Justice”, Beatrice Ask, thought that this was just fine and proved that Swedish police are competent. 

Jim Keyzer joins Warner Bros.

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Unni Drougge’s Quest For Great Profit

  1. Let a friend help you record an audio book (gt)
  2. Register PayPal account (unnidrougge [Email address: unnidrougge #AT# unnidrougge.com - replace #AT# with @ ])
  3. Put audio book on The Pirate Bay
  4. Profit 1(gt) 2(gt) 3(gt)

Damn us cheap pirates! Drougge managed to cover her costs for the recording in a manner of hours and the damn pirates downloading her book from The Pirate Bay for free JUST WONT STOP PAYING HER… I mean, geesh we have a reputation to uphold…

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Spectrial judge member of copyright organisations.

A short one before work.

The Spectrial judge Tomas Norström is member and even board member of several copyright organisations.

Swedish Association for Copyright – Member on his spare time – Pontén, Danowsky and Wadsted are also members

Swedish association for industrial legal protection – Board Member – Organisation has lobbied for harsher copyright legislation.

The .SE foundation – Part iime job – Wadsted is a colleague

In swedish Google translation

We Didn’t Start the Flamewar!

Hillarious video set to an old favorite of mine, Billy Joel’s We Didn’t Start the Fire.

Thanks CollegeHumor!

Found via BoingBoing.

Björn Ulvaeus, Black Knight of the Content Industry

In the aftermath of the verdict against the Pirate Bay Björn Ulvaes, 1/4th of ABBA and one of Sweden’s richest song writers, claims to speak of all creative individuals when he says in SvD that(sv):

This feels good for us creators

Yeah right. You might want to ask author Anna Troberg about that, or Moneybrother, or Timbuktu, or Cory Doctorow, or Paul Coelho or Nina Paley

Ulvaeus btw, recently won a legal battle with the tax authorities and skipped away with 85m SEK. Hes almost three times as big a thief as the Swedish court judged The Pirate Bay Crew + 1 to be. And he has the gall to speak for all creative people in the world? I used to think it was pretty cool that one of the biggest music groups of the 70’s and 80’s was from Sweden. Gave you something to counter with when people asked if we have polar bears on our streets. But now Björn Ulvaeus is a has-been. A bumbling fool that expired along with the dinosaur milk. Just shut up and let the artists willing to make the most of the global market that is the Internet speak for themselves!

This is what 5022 new members look like!

A nice graph starting that early January 2006. Note the  vertical line at the end. I have a little ticker playing a fanfare every time a new members joins and its still playing at 00:29. Every other minute or so. With any hope we will reach 20 000 members by the morning. Lots of demonstrations are planned for tomorrow. So lots of people will be getting up bright and early and they deserve some good news in the morning.

Today was a weird day. It started in a deep sense of hopelessness with the guilty verdict. But as the day wore on it’s turning into more of a righteous anger.  OMG Internets!(sv) sent me to a awesome key note by the man who gave us The Machine is Us/ing Us. This is what the conflict is all about. Should the greatest communication platform be free to explore and use by anyone or should it be controlled, filtered and censored into a cable-TV network. 

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Pirate Party(se)’s servers buckle under flood of new members.

So around 16:20 today the membership/webserver of PP(se) stopped responding. I managed to clock 1922 new members from noon till then. That’s barely 1100 members behind The Liberal Party that sits in the current governing right/center alliance. Our youth section is probably 1000 members or so from becoming the largest political youth section in Sweden.

Sadly I think signups are frozen now until servers are resuscitated.

UPDATE: blipirat.nu still works.